• Pricing Secrets


    Powerful Money Conversations

    In Building Your Equine Assisted Business

    2-Part Tele-Class Training +

    Bonus Coaching To Action Day

  • 2-Part Tele-Class Training + BONUS

    Part 1: Get Your Money Story Makeover


    Master Money Conversations In Business

    Thursday, May 30th, 9-10:30 am CT USA

    Identify And Master The Two Most Important Money Conversations In Business To Experience A New Level Of Freedom

    • Identify what really influences your money conversations
    • Author a powerful money story
    • Bring clarity to your sales conversations so they flow seamlessly 
    • Reveal sales conversation killers and how to handle them

    Part 2: Pricing Secrets

    Thursday, June 6th, Noon-1:30 pm CT USA

    Breakthrough Around How To Price Your Services To Confidently Ask For What Your Services Are Worth

    • Uncover the real value of your services to boost confidence  (and your fees)
    • Unmask blind spots around money and identify how much they are costing you
    • Learn common pricing and money conversation pitfalls
    • All calls are recorded for playback at your convenience

    BONUS! Coaching To Action Day / Q&A

    Friday, May 31st, 7am-11am CT USA

    Get your questions answered, clear the decks, and get into action

    This is a morning session via phone where we work together to get you de-cluttered, organized, and taking action on winning the game of business.

    Here’s how it works – You dial in from the comfort of your office at the designated time to get instructions from me to begin. We often begin with clearing the decks. You hang up and implement instructions and dial in at the top of the next hour.

    We repeat this process for up to 4 hours.


    Get your questions answered, coaching, accountability...whatever you need to move business forward!

    You Get:

    "Master Your Money Conversations" - Teleclass May 30th


    Coaching To Action Day - four hours of coaching support and accountability in winning the game of business!

    Teleclass May 31st


    "Pricing Secrets" - Telelclass June 6th


    Materials & Live Coaching

    All Calls Are Recorded For Playback At Your Convenience


    A $2000 Value - You Pay $67!


    There Are Two Main Conversations Happening Simultaneously When Pricing and Holding Money Conversations &You Can Master Them


    One Is Real & One Is Mirrored

  • In This 2-Part Training, I'll Reveal The Secrets To Solving Two Of Your Most Persistent Problems


    I love this topic! Why? Because the breakthroughs to the questions associated with how to put a price tag on "that thing you do" and how to talk about it with ease are common trouble spots for Equine Assisted Professionals - once these trouble spots are handled, the results are life changing. (For humans and horse)


    Nobody is immune to the self-doubt, confusion, worry and dis-empowering beliefs that come when you don't feel confident in how to determine a price for what you do, or how to hold a natural money conversation with potential clients.

    For over 19 years, I've been helping Business Professionals, just like you, remove the obstacles standing in the way of their business goals.


    Join me for this powerful class and, together, we'll put these two problem spots behind you.


    Lora Newman, M.S., LPC - Author, Speaker

    Executive & Leadership Coach


    Read What Past Participants Have To Say About Working With Coach Lora

    Liz Letson, M.S., LPCC

    (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor)
    EAGALA and OK Corral Series Certified
    Founder, Eagle Vista Ranch & Wellness Center

    "Since working with Lora, I ask for what my services are worth and hold powerful money conversations.


    In fact, my business took a six-figure plus jump in first quarter!"

    Her experience and expertise in building an Equine Assisted Business comes through in every class and conversation I have with her."



    Misti Fry, M.S.

    MVP Canine Life Coach

    Owner Side Kick Dog Training

    "Since beginning the program I have discovered what my services are worth to my clients. I'm confident with what I have to offer and what to charge now.

    No longer under charging!


    My revenue has tripled since I began working with Lora and I see seven figures on the horizon!"



    Kathryn Uran


    Heart Map Coach, EAGALA Certified

    "I had problems with selling myself- wondering if I had enough credentials and certifications to be taken seriously.


    I lost that self-doubt in working with Lora. It just took a couple of successes to sweep that away. Everybody needs a coach. Even a coach needs a coach! I haven't found anything like what I've experienced with Lora and her programs. They are that unique!"



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